At Ruschke und Partner, there’s always something going on. A new account, a new colleague, a new project. In this section you can find out what we’re up to at the moment, what drives us, and what we’re proud of. Short, sweet, and right to the point. Enjoy!

Ruschke und Partner proudly present: a Thunder-IT video with heart and soul!

We have been supporting Thunder-IT since April 2019. This hardware and software retailer offers its customers complete commitment and state-of-the-art tailored solutions. Thunder-IT delivers customised concepts and services from client computing to software, assembly and logistics. At the heart of this is personal advice, geared entirely to the needs of the customer to guarantee a decisive competitive edge.

As a consistent continuation of our heartbeat-themed awareness campaign, Ruschke und Partner created a promotional video that succinctly summarises Thunder-IT’s strengths. German and English versions of the 1.5 minute video, which features conclusive arguments and innovative motion design, have now premièred. To be continued ...

New opportunities for the future: innovative technologies on the Dell Compute Roadshow

Tomorrow’s technologies are in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich right now. On its Compute Roadshow, Dell will use future-oriented workshops to present the most innovative end-to-end technology solutions from edge to core to cloud. Dell helps customers to unlock and enhance the potential of data, providing new opportunities to meet new challenges.

In addition to event planning and coordination, Ruschke und Partner is also responsible for developing branding for the Compute Roadshow 2020, including the strapline and key visual, as well as the invitation process for the events. We’re keeping things interesting for tomorrow. And the day after.

Raising awareness for Thunder-IT: social media marketing on Xing

It’s well known that Thunder-IT offers great products and services – but awareness could still be greater. That’s why we developed an awareness campaign that included a promotion directed at IT managers on Xing.

Ruschke und Partner created a concept that included relevant content on the highly topical subject of artificial intelligence. It contained white papers and reports, which Thunder-IT made available to the target group directly and free of charge. The campaign achieved very high click and download rates. We were responsible for development and target group selection, A/B testing, management and evaluation. We’ll be cooking up a storm with more Thunder-IT campaigns soon.