About Us

Ruschke und Partner is an experienced communications agency with national and international customers. We are specialized in intelligent and creative communications solutions, and will help you make a targeted impression that boosts the success of your business.

Not only do we develop unusual ideas and creative concepts, but we also ensure that they are professionally carried out: with top quality, dependably and efficiently. After all, we are dedicated service providers. This means you can attend to your core business while we provide the solutions for your specific task at hand.

In short: By covering all your bases, we have a hand in your success. At the end of the day, your success is also our success. And we do everything we can to achieve it.

Some Facts About Ruschke und Partner




Frankfurt am Main/Oberursel


Stefan Ruschke (owner-operated)


15 full staff members
25 freelance specialists


Marketing communications
Corporate media
Dialog marketing
Print management


Live marketing unit, Berlin
Pan-European print- and fulfillment network