At Ruschke und Partner, there’s always something going on. A new account, a new colleague, a new project. In this section you can find out what we’re up to at the moment, what drives us, and what we’re proud of. Short, sweet, and right to the point. Enjoy!

Impressive commitment: the new annual report for the Sepp Herberger Foundation

It was of great importance to Sepp Herberger to fund and support social and charitable projects during his lifetime. The DFB-Stiftung Sepp Herberger was established in 1977 and has since been active in four areas: Football for disabled persons, resocializing prisoners, supporting young footballers in schools and clubs, and the DFB charity organization.

The new annual report’s presentation of the foundation’s various activities and projects is impressive and true to Sepp Herberger’s motto: “Those who are at the top must not forget those below”. Ruschke und Partner was tasked with the cross-media implementation of the report and we feel honoured to do so.

App's the way to do it! Digital publishing for the DFB Bundestag

The 44th ordinary national conference of the German Football Association (DFB Bundestag) takes place on 11 March 2022. It is a kind of parliament for the 7.1 million members of the association. At the conference, the 260 or so delegates who are eligible to vote will make important decisions for the future of German football and vote on a new leadership for the association.

Ruschke und Partner are designing an app in order to provide the participants and members with convenient access to up-to-date versions of all the important documents and motions on their tablets and smartphones. Now that’s sustainable communication.


Kicking off 2022 with good news and best wishes

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We wish all our clients, partners and, of course, our colleagues a new year full of success and health! Our New Year’s Eve celebrations haven’t stopped, because we were informed that we won the German Football Association tender for reports on the German Men’s Third Division and the German Women’s First Division for the 2020-21 season.

We’re elated and have already begun preparations for the new project. The new season will certainly offer plenty of opportunities to celebrate again — when our work is done.