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Fit for AI campaign launch: Dell Technologies supports clients on their journey into the world of AI business

Generative artificial intelligence will soon be an indispensable tool for every sector. It will be used for tasks such as optimizing business and innovation processes. Those who hesitate to adopt it will fall behind. Dell Technologies’ Fit for AI campaign is designed to help customers reap the full benefits of AI.

Ruschke und Partner was tasked with the entire development and realization of this multi-stage campaign. This included strategy, design, landing pages, direct mailings, useful AI content for B2B customers and more — in three languages. We use AI in our work in order to realize our full potential for our customers.


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Marketing Communications

Launch of Dell Customer Solutions Center, Frankfurt
Concept, design, event planning and implementation including invitation process, guest management, technical equipment and catering

Dell products and IT solutions for business customers – from proof of concept to design workshops – can be experienced live in the Customer Solutions Center (CSC). We were commissioned by Dell to open the new CSC.

We developed an impressive key visual with a strong strapline that effectively substantiates the unique positioning and the CSC solution.

We also provided accompanying communication including the creation and implementation of the event invitation as a sustainably produced print version and an online registration process.

We held overall responsibility for the realisation of the event from technical equipment and catering to scheduling and looking after guests. The launch was a great success!

Corporate Media

Deutscher Fußball-Bund (DFB) (German Football Association)
DFB Journal
Full service corporate publishing, including concept, design, advertising management, magazine app, production and subscription management

The magazine is a central component in the DFB's communication mix and reports on all aspects of German football. The core objectives are high-quality provision of information, additional services for fans and clubs, and strengthening the DFB's image.

It contains exclusive interviews, portraits and exciting reports about the German national football teams covering around 100 pages. The DFB Journal appears four times a year.

The key features of the magazine are clear design, modern typography and plenty of illustrations. Ruschke und Partner is also responsible for the DFB Journal App and the e-paper. Both formats include integrated videos.

Pre-press production and printing are also the responsibility of Ruschke und Partner.
Circulation: 100,000 copies.

Our team is also responsible for the advertising management. In addition, we manage the distribution of the magazine, including sending it to members of the German national team's fan club.

Dialog Marketing

Cross-media door-opener campaign
Consultancy, concept/text, design and print/online realisation including webcast hosting

The objective was to initiate contact with important IT decision-makers at large companies (qualified leads) for which no double opt-in was yet available. We developed a suitable cross-media dialogue approach.

A personal cover letter in the original handwriting of Dell’s CEO conveyed high esteem and introduced an element of surprise. Everything was produced in an ultra-realistic quality that included pencil imprints in the paper.

This extraordinary, exclusive and tangibly high-quality mailing contained information with high added value for the target group. It included an offer of personal support and links to 3 exclusive expert presentations.

Recipients were able access the 3 on-demand webcasts via a special landing page. This ensured effective information transfer and made it possible to measure the success of the campaign directly.

Print Management

Media production / international training media
Cost-efficient, high-quality and punctual media production

Ruschke und Partner creates a wide variety of training media (including brochures, booklets, videos and DVDs) for Porsche, and is responsible for the entire media production.

In addition to the entire production management, Ruschke und Partner was responsible for the conception and creation of training media in up to 13 languages.

We coordinated the translation agencies involved as part of the media production.